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Okay folks, wrapping up this short series with some trans polyamory stories and webcomics. I won’t be covering bisexual poly because I had to wade through a couple hundred bisexual poly books to find what’s on the lesbian and trans poly lists, so I don’t think any bisexuals are having trouble finding themselves represented in poly fic! Anyway, here’s the (sadly short) list of trans poly fics and pics:

Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin, this fun webserial is set at Magisterius University where high fantasy meets higher education. At least one trans woman character (I stopped reading several years ago, so it’s possible other trans characters have popped up since). Also got mention on the lesbian poly list, due to the heavy focus on f/f(/f/f/f/f) relationships. There are (or were) a couple of males scattered around as well.

Kimchi Cuddles by Tikva Wolf, “A webcomic spreading awareness about poly, queer, and genderqueer issues in the most hilarious way possible” I’ve never gotten into Kimchi Cuddles, in spite of its great rep in the poly community. Anyway, it includes a trans (or perhaps several trans) characters, lots of poly situations, and a bunch more too.

First by Jacob Louder, description includes queer and trans characters, and suggests lots of non-monogamous sex. Came up on “polyamory trans” search.

Roller Coasters by Kris Ripper, first chapter has some really sweet interactions between poly cis man and genderqueer person who don’t seem to know what to make of each other but have a lot of fun in and out of bed. Description suggests the book centers around these characters, and some dealings with poly guy’s boyfriends.

The Peacock Notebook by Kira Elliot, tagged polyamory and transgender. Description makes the poly very clear, no details on any trans characters.


If you know of any other fics or pics with trans poly characters/themes/plots, please share them in the comments. I tried to filter out books that fetishize trans characters. Suggestions in the comments which appear to fetishize trans will be removed. I usually don’t moderate comments that heavily, I’m making an exception in this case.


7 responses to “Trans Poly Fic/Pics

  1. All of my books feature characters that traverse the sexual, gender, and relational spectrums. I have people like the poly panromantic agendered asexual, the bisexual agendered demisexual with a high sex drive, a pansexual cisgendered kinky woman, a bisexual aromantic cisman, vampires of varying genders that can change sex at will, an intersex bisexual male, a heteroflexible transman, crossdressers and genderqueer folk of all kinds and just so many others. Only a few of my characters are ever straight and/or mono. Many of three characters have fetishes but they’re not about the type of person; they’re all various kinks. 🙂

  2. As a bi male in a poly relationship with my wife and another guy, you’re right, we are well represented!!!!

  3. Anything by Alexis Long, but especially “Guilt Comes in Threes”, coming out this summer, which deals with a poly marriage between some very queer and trans folk.

  4. Heya – thanks for mentioning Peacock Notebook (from the authors) but it doesn’t have any trans characters, sadly. I have no clue why it was tagged that way.

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