The Polyamory on Purpose Guides

The Polyamory on Purpose Guides

The Polyamory on Purpose Guides are a series of books on some of the practical (and little discussed) aspects of life in a non-monogamous relationship.

Why a Book Series?

The Polyamory on Purpose guides will mostly be covering the same topics I’m constantly talking about in my blog posts. But blogs have some real limitations. You can’t take notes in the margins of a blog post about this or that idea. Blog archives can be difficult to navigate if you are looking for specific information or ideas. Most importantly, a blog post, even a series of blog posts, just can’t get the depth that long form writing can.

So if you if just ant general information and ideas, hit the blog. If you want an in-depth exploration of a topic, there will be books.

What Topics?

Polyamory and PregnancyThe first guide, Polyamory and Pregnancy, was released in March of 2013 and is currently available as an ebook or paperback.

The second guide, The Polyamorous Home, was released  November 2016. I’m currently drafting Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous, and am aiming for a July 2017 release.
Future topics will include:

  • Kink and Polyamory  (with Michon Neal and Joelle Casteel)
  • Raising Children in Poly Families
  • A Layman’s Guide to What Science Says About Polyamory
  • Polyamory and Mental Illness
  • A Legal Guide to Non-Monogamy in the US
  • Intersectional Polyamory
  • and more

Check back for updates.

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