The Long List of STD/STIs

How many STD/STIs are there? I’ll bet more than most of you were aware of. The following list was compiled through a combination of health related sites, including Planned Parenthood, the CDC and the American Social Health Organization. No one site contained all the STD/STIs in this list.

Links current as of March 9, 2015

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Normally I try to keep this blog safe to read at work and around the kids. Fair warning: I will be adding pictures where appropriate, some of this stuff will be NSFC, NSFW and not something you want to look at while eating.

2 responses to “The Long List of STD/STIs

  1. HPV contains hundreds of strains, genital warts is one of those. Putting them on separate lines gives the impression that they are unrelated.

    • Making a list like this is always a judgement call. Someone looking for info on genital warts might not know it is caused by a strain of HPV, and if “Genital Warts” isn’t included in it’s own category might think there isn’t information on genital warts available here. Putting “HPV/Genital Warts” would make it seem like genital warts and HPV are one and the same when, as you rightly point out, genital warts are only caused by some strains of HPV, which has hundreds of straings. Putting them on separate lines does give the impression they are unrelated, but avoids the other problems. Since I state in the opening paragraph of the page on genital warts that it is caused by a few different strains of HPV, any mistaken impressions that they are unrelated are easily cleared up.

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