Explaining Polyamory: The Wrap Up

So far, we’ve covered an introduction to the Culture Gap, preparations, discussion and possible reactions. Hopefully, hitting the high points of stuff you should know before explaining your relationship choose to friends or family.

The good news is, the more people you tell the easier it gets. But the first time can still be terrifying.

Whatever your approach, and whoever you open up to, make sure you take care of yourself. Whether it is your poly partners, folks in the local poly munch, a good friend or someone else, have support you can lean on when you start opening up to people. You’ll be putting yourself through an emotional roller coaster, and having a shoulder to cry on, friend to come over with chocolate ice cream, or folks to celebrate good news with, having other people you can trust can help a lot.

On that note, you will probably do best opening up to close friends before family. It is a sad truth that friends are often more accepting and supportive than family – possibly because family feel your choices reflect on them, while friends know that your choices are your choices, and aren’t about them.

I hope these recent posts have been helpful and/or useful for people. I know my writing has been a bit disjointed in the past month, and at some point I’m going to go back and edit stuff for more readability and what not.

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